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Anthology of Motherhood

Anthology of Motherhood

The Emma Press are publishing my poem ‘Lipstick’ in their Anthology of Motherhood
(available to buy from 27th February 2014)

There will be a launch night at Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall on Thursday 27th Feb, 7pm

I will be reading ‘Lipstick’ (probably with lipstick on) and other poems.

All invited to celebrate with me and what I know will be a beautiful collection of poetry.


‘Smokers and Lambs’ @ LOST One Act Festival

'Smokers and Lambs' @ LOST One Act Festival

The very talented, Elliot Hadley-Johnson and Lucynda Wells
Act: I, Scene: II

Theatre Critic and The Stage features writer, Paul Vale’s comments on ‘Smokers and Lambs’ by Rachel Long

The LOST One Act Festival 2013

Saturday 25th May

Smokers and Lambs
“Kiss the hand you cannot cut”

“One of the best things about Smokers and Lambs is its use of live music to inform the narrative. The insistence of the African drum as it beat a guiding path through the tale immediately raises the level of the drama and the theatricality of the piece. This is coupled with director, Mark Laughtone’s use of physical theatre and movement to heighten the text and each element works very well. Author, Rachel Long gives her presentation a narrator, which again adds to the theatricality… The dialogue… is something of a surprise {adding to} the juxtaposition of cultures and accents as the story progressed.
Infidelity and the breakdown of a relationship is a commonly used dramatic device and yet there is nothing formulaic about Smokers and Lambs.”