Octavia Poetry at Serpentine Galleries

Ideas Through Art: Poetry from the Personal Octavia Poetry Collective will lead a workshop for educators exploring poetry as a method to understand and develop personal identities. ‘Leading out of current discourse around migration, movement and identity, the workshop will create a space to explore how we individually and collectively see and understand the world….

Confusion of Tongues, Art and the Limits of Language, Courtauld Commission

Confusion of Tongues: Art and the Limits of Language MA Programme Curating the Art Museum, 16 June – 17 July 2016 It was an absolute pleasure to be commissioned by The Courtauld Gallery‘s MA Curating students to write poems in response to some of the works within their fantastic exhibition, Confusion of Tongues: Art and…

Action Aid #fearless women Poetry Workshop @ Harris Girl’s Academy

Writing a group poem inspired by Warsan Shire’s The House with a class of brilliant Year 9’s from Harris Girl’s Academy on behalf on Spread the Word for Action Aid’s #fearless women campaign. Read more about the camaign here: https://www.actionaid.org.uk/campaign/campaign-for-womens-rights/fearless

Octavia on BBC World Service

Octavia – Poetry Community for Women of Colour featured on BBC World Service‘s Cultural Frontline show yesterday afternoon. We discuss writing, the body, language, representation, and Octavia members, Amaal Said & Sunayana Bhargava read a powerful poem encompassing all of these themes. You can listen to it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03x7892  

My Bed poetry performance at Late @ Tate

For dream commissions, make your own. London Laureates, Ella Frears, Laurie Bolger, Clare Mulley and I, perform poems inspired by Tracey Emin’s, ‘My Bed’ at Late at Tate last Friday.

‘Eight’ in Abridged: 0-37 Torquemada

My poem, ‘Eight’ features in the stunning Abridged 0_37 Torquemada issue. ‘Abridged 0 – 37: Torquemada focuses on the confessional and faith; the lies we tell and the secrets we keep, the hypocrisy of love and hate and the pointedness and pointlessness of the penance we ascribe ourselves and others, the faith that keeps us going…

Featuring at Speakeasy – Cambridge

The thing about being part of a great poetry collective (BAR) is that it is made of up of great poetry people (All, but in this specific instance, Charlotte Higgins), who are great poets in their own right AND have their own great poetry nights (Speakeasy) – and they invite you to perform at them. Sunday 2nd November…

Now being sold at Waterstones

Very, very pleased to hear this week that The Emma Press, Anthology of Motherhood, in which my poem, ‘Lipstick’ is published is now being sold at Waterstones.  ‘Available at all good bookshops’ henceforth applies to me  😉

The Emma Press Anthology of Homesickness and Exile

. Very pleased to announce that another of my poems will be included in what I know will be another beautiful anthology by The Emma Press. ‘Homesickness and Exile’ will be published September 2014. ‘The Emma Press Anthology of Homesickness and Exile is inspired by the Tristia, and is the second instalment of The Emma…