Sign Up! Purple Drum Poetry Workshops for Women 16-25 with Joelle Taylor and I

Purple D
Are you a young woman aged 16-25?

Are you fed up with how you are represented in the media as a young woman, young woman of colour and/or LGBTQ young woman?

You are not the only one who feels like this, we understand, we feel the same way and we say no more!

Purple Drum is a movement of young women challenging misrepresentation and promoting equality in pop culture, and beyond. We are working with young women to generate creative challenges to racism, sexism and homophobia in popular culture including film, advertising, television, fashion and music industries.

Join us at our poetry workshops with the awesome Rachel Long and Joelle Taylor, to create poetry / spoken word to challenge media misrepresentation.

The workshops will take place from 6:30pm—8:00pm in London on 9th and 16th December (workshops come in packs of two so you will need to attend both).

To book your place email

For information about other workshops in the series visit workshops


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