Wow and what a…

Wow! What a Young Poet Laureate journey, what a National Poetry Day, what poetry, what amazing people you meet on such journeys.

Firstly, congratulations to Aisling Fahey, crowned the new Young Poet Laureate for London. It has been a pleasure to get to know both her and her poetry- both equally stunning- throughout the Spread the Word #YPL process. Similarly the other four incredible YPL ladies : @Ella Frears, @Laurie Bolger, @Debris Stevenson, @Clare Mulley- who have taught me so much. Each and all inspiring- all doing ground breaking things for poetry, for women in poetry. Expect Great Things. Hand on heart thanks to the whole Spread The Word team; esp. Claudia Barwell and *the* Stuart Silver. Also to Nick Makoha for his much needed no nonsense advice, and of course and always to Jacob Sam-La Rose – of which nothing happens in the poetry world without some of his expert orchestration.

And yesterday, National Poetry Day Live @ Southbank Centre– to perform on the same stage as Kei Miller, Daljit Nagra , Jean “Binta” Breeze – I’m in the business of words, and I still cannot quite explain.
Thank you too to Bea Colley, and Tom MacAndrew @ The Poetry Society and the wonderful Young Producers Team for making that happen. Rumour has it, best ever NPDLive. Nothing of course without host of all hosts, Joelle Taylor x

Promise this isn’t a suicide note. Just a lot of thanks, a lot of love
to a lot of beautiful people.


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