BARCADEMY Workshop ‘You Bring Out The Black Woman in Me’

Black Women Workshop

All next week (11th-15th Aug), Burn After Reading (the poetry community I am part of, lead by Jacob Sam-La Rose and Jasmine Cooray) is running the first ‘BARCADEMY‘ in Deptford, London, between Deptford Lounge and the Albany (nearest stations: Deptford Rail Station or Deptford Bridge DLR) BARCADEMY is a week of creative and professional development workshops. In the evenings, members of the BAR community will be running a series of workshops:

I will be running a workshop on Wednesday 13th August (18:00-20:00)


In this workshop, we will unpack a poem from Mexican American Feminist, Sandra Cisneros, and use it as a model to discuss what components and characteristics make up a ‘black woman’. Is it her skin, hair, headscarf, history, kissing of teeth, attitude, beliefs?
We will share our own stories and experiences, and see if they are common. We will challenge myths and stereotypes of the black woman, in history, in contemporary society, and in our own minds, all within a safe and supportive environment. From this we will write our own poems, perhaps even combine them to create a group poem, embracing every celebration and contradiction.
This workshop is open to all self-identifying black women. We welcome ALL shades, mixes, definitions. The purpose of the workshop is not to measure blackness, (whatever that means, but we can discuss things like this) but rather, to explore all experiences on the black female spectrum.

Workshops are open on a “pay what you can” basis— we want them to be as accessible as possible, but we also need to be able to cover the costs of our workshop space. Suggested donation is anywhere between £5 and £10 per workshop, but that’s obviously dependent on what you’re able to offer.

I would love to see some of you there, at either this workshop, or at any of the other great workshops happening during BARCADEMY week (see below)
If you are interested please let me know ASAP, or email Jacob Sam La Rose directly: , Jacob will then confirm your place on the workshop.
If you can’t make it, (or are not a black woman, it happens) 😉 please still share widely. Or come to…

Other great workshops happening during BARCADEMY week:

– Monday 11th August: 18:00-20:00— Poetry And Activism: What’s The Issue With “Issue” Poetry? With Carmina Masoliver
– Tuesday 12th August: 18:00-20:00— Language and Innovation with Cameron Bray
– Wednesday 13th August: 18:00-20:00— ‘You Bring Out The Black Woman In Me’ with Rachel Long
– Thursday 14th August: 18:00-20:00— Form and Structure with Lewis Buxton
– Friday 15th August: 17:00-19:00— Physical Poetry: Exploring Ways of Using the Body in Poetry with Sophie Fenella Robinski


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