Live Literature! gets a Grant from o2 Think Big!

Live Literature by ‘Lovely-Messy Mind’ Arts Network has just been granted its first financial backing courtesy of O2 UK Think Big ! 🙂
Moreso than the money, its a great feeling to know that someone believes in your project and in you achieving your artistic aims. With all the cuts to the arts, it is so difficult now to secure funding, afford actors, pay creatives for their beautiful time, and with this start up fund, I will be able to do this a little easier. 
So instead of showing off (a little bit) I want to encourage all my fellow bloggers to apply for @o2thinkbig funding. Its a really simple application process, and it’ll take you clever lot no time to think of a thousand inspiring ideas.

A big thank you to my wonderful Live Lit! team; Garth Laughton, Elliot-Hadley, Ajjaz Awad-ibrahimLucy Wells and Jo N’gala. A drink is in order. 
And, and a big thank you also to Shella Johnson, who I know must have given me a reference of all references. She o2 think Bigs me up like noone else. A drink has been ordered. 😉

Follow Live Lit’s progress here : O2 Think Big – My Project


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