Rachel’s Diary- Live Literature Performance with Full Cast @ The Cockpit Theatre Monday 4th March 2013

Upcoming Performances


Performing ‘Smokers and Lambs’ at Theatre In The Pound (TIT£) at The Cockpit Theatre

Monday 4th March 2013, 7 pm


‘Kupoteya njia ndiyo kujua njia’

To get lost is to learn the way

(Swahili Proverb)

‘Smokers and Lambs’ written by Rachel Long, is a cross cultural love story set between Nyali beach, Kenya and Yorkshire, England. Escapist, James has left Yorkshire and his wife, Leah in search of something different; something else. In Kenya, he meets beautiful and mysterious local, Namiyah, who truly is something elseShe epitomises James’ exotic escape, but although she appears to be what he yearns for, she is just as lost as him. Now they are both in danger of leading each other to a place where there is no way out.
With the help of a WONDERFUL cast*, Rachel has combined literature with theatre and music to create Live Literature! Inspired by traditional African storytelling and the necessity to illuminate literature as an artform that does not have to be read alone, but that can be performed. ‘Smokers and Lambs’ explores cultural divides and differences, the pull of home and heritage, and the power of love over lust.

*(Wonderful) Cast:

James : Elliot Hadley- Johnson

Namiyah : Ajjaz Awad

Leah : Lucynda Wells

Cab Driver : Mark Laughtone (Mista Mojo)

African Ido-Drummer and Wiseman: Jo N’Gala

Narrator and Writer : Rachel Long


rachel17@fsmail.net / @writesRachel / ‘Lovely-Messy Mind’ Collaborative Arts Network: LovelyMessyMind@groups.facebook.com 


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